Proper school uniform must be worn on all working days, school functions and school related activities.

School Uniform

  • Sunday/Monday/Thursday
  • School tunic
  • Purple white shirt (full sleeves in winter and half sleeves in summer)- Classes 1 to 10
  • Navy blue Pant – Classes 1 to 10
  • Half green sweater with yellow stripes- Classes 3 to 10
  • Green blazer with school monogram- Classes 3 to 10
  • Navy blue socks
  • Black leather shoes with laces
  • School belt, tie, identity card (compulsory)
  • Green scarf, green cap (only in winter)
  • White ribbons for girls, hair must be plaited up neatly both sides

House dress (Tuesday/ Friday)

Students are required to wear house dress on Tuesday and Friday for sports in order to complete in different competitions.

    • Green and yellow tracksuit with yellow house t-shirt
    • Identity card (compulsory)
    • White socks and white canvas shoes
    • House ribbon for girls

Casual Outfit (Wednesday)

    • Students can wear casual attire that looks decent and smart every Wednesday.
    • White ribbons are compulsory for girls.
    • Traditional attires of different ethnic group are encouraged to wear once a month on Wednesday.