As we all are well known to the fact that children have tremendous power of learning, absorbing and retaining things being taught to them and fed in their mind. Moving parallel, parents in this revolutionary age of media aspires to see their child on the stage and feel the pride of their achievement despite their hectic schedule. The celebration of Annual Day function is crucial as it provides platforms for the students to showcase their talents and urges the teachers to put their best. Moreover, it is also the most awaited part of academics. However we conduct these sorts of programs twice or thrice in a year for different level to strengthen the bond between teachers, parents, students and even the school management. It is an ample opportunity to step on to the stage and conquer their fear of speaking or performing in front of huge mass

Highlighting and understanding the core of the famous proverb “All works and no play make jack a dull boy” we organize frequent sports meet to endure the feeling of sporting spirit and promote physical and mental health amongst the people.