Library of Panini School is a corner-store for healthy community to benefit the learners/explorers. Various books, reference materials are introduced to the maximum for the readers in a full-fledged digital library . The students can be equipped with unique and valuable resources to exhibit their learning and reading skills and showcase the positive impact on the academics.

To enhance effective teaching and learning , Panini School, PEN strongly facilitate the students along with their involvement in E- Learning , which is a theory that describes the cognitive science principles of effective multimedia learning using electronic educational technology . We believe that, selection of appropriate multimedia modalities enhance their learning. we also believe that children learn best when they understand how to learn! We develop Children’s learning power by making the teaching environment more interesting and relevant that helps them from being passive learners to active and independent learners. We have designed twenty minutes reading and learning session for students everyday in an alternative period throughout the week and has been named ‘My Dear Time’.