Panini school best school in Kathmandu Nepal
Beyond the books at PANINI School
For overall development the ECA programs are designed in such a way that each student grow a complete personality .

Regular Public Speaking

Once in everyday to a mass to avoid xynophobia and to develop confident.

Rehearse ( Voice therapy )

The concept behind this is , not only to make a child vocalist but to bring clarity in voice while delivering or conversing speech.

Sports friendly school

Wide range of sports facilities are provided in which each student must undergo with games and sports on regular basis . The programs designed are taken place in the evenings after all the school activities are over.

Handwriting an academic image of student

Pattern cursive writing with updated version for Ist to Xth standard . The motto behind this is to bring uniformity and recognization to his/her personality .

Inter-action with nature

Human growth and education need an adequate exposure with nature around us. PEN has set up the following programs in regular manner .

Regular swimming
For the physical and mental development


PEN Organic Farming: School involves students not only for producing organic but helps students to play with mud and the other vegetation.

Botanical Garden

A close reference for practical knowledge , different identities of plants are nourished under the guidance of teachers and students.

Prosperous culture and our tradition integrated with PEN curriculum

Sanskrit Language
School prioritizes on developing excellent into students as it not only helps students learn language it also helps students to capitalize with good moral character .

It has been particularly designed aiming at perfection in every individual , as Pranayam strengthens the whole system of body and Meditation develops patience & concentration which in total forms best discipline amongst students , trains to love and respect like those ancient days of Gurukul. Motivates towards respect & dignity of our social bondings.